Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Potential Solution for the Protection of Women

Rape incidence upset me so much that after any such news, I have never been able to stop thinking about it. I get mad thinking about how the victim would have felt and faced the situation. But this time Damini incidence didn’t trigger any adverse reaction until I got to know about the details of what happened with her. I didn’t think too much about it, but was upset for a long time. I struggled a lot to find some solution to reduce such incidences, and I knew that increasing the punishment may not solve the problem. Then I sort of stopped thinking about it, and thought that perhaps this is the risk that we take for the freedom of enjoying going out.


Then in a eureka moment, I had a solution. What if there is a tiny device embedded in watch, jewelry, belt, or anywhere that is not so obvious but accessible to a woman. When a woman senses danger, she can activate the device quietly, and the device sends SOS message to central server along with its location. The device can use cellular network to send messages and find its location. Once the message is received, PCR van should reach within 5 minutes to the indicated location. The device should also continuously send its location incase the victim is in a vehicle.


At the same time, women should also carry stun devices such as pepper spray to immobilize the attacker so that she can save herself till the time rescue party arrives.


I understand, A major challenge would be the placement of PCR vans so that they can reach anywhere in the city within 5 minutes. But I think our police and government can figure such logistical details.




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