Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another solution for controlling crime against women

In information security field, there is a concept known as ethical hacking. An ethical hacker would try to identify vulnerability of a system before someone else does. While further reflecting on problems faced by women, I chanced upon another potential solution which is similar to ethical hacking and I think it can solve women’s safety problems in our society.


There could be a special squad which would have martial arts trained women. These women would move in team, and would move in disguise at vulnerable places. They should appear so vulnerable that anyone with the tendency to rape a woman might attempt to rape them as well. The moment someone attempts, the woman could alert a trigger to call her team and arrest this person.


Such people should be punished for attempt to rape, and the punishment  for attempt to rape should be severe either death penalty or life imprisonment, because if someone could attempt to rape, he could rape as well and that should serve as cleansing of society from rapists. This would also deter potential offenders, as any target could turn out to be special officer in disguise.


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