Friday, November 06, 2015

Call for Positive Revolution

Fed-up with negativities of politicians and media? Stop paying attention, and they will change. Each one of us can make a difference.
Every one of us understands that media shows “What sells”. There are so many negative soap operas, and within five minutes of watching news, it is evident that it is no longer news, it is selective negativities that have been proven to attract viewership. Politicians are constantly criticizing each other even on things done well to get our attention. Both media and politicians believe that criticizing is easy way to get attention.
There are two facts that are important here. First that media and politicians desperately need our attention and they would do whatever they think would get them that. More viewership means more money for media and more followership means more votes for politicians. Second point we get hooked on to suspense, and easy way to build suspense is to build negativity. And some amount of negativity might be required to build interest as it is done in movies and stories, but constant negativity is like eating sault instead of adding some salt in food.
So if we want a change, we can do a very simple thing. And that is to stop watching anything whenever it starts becoming negative. I am pretty sure within 6 months soap operas would change, and within a year even politicians would change their ways. Unfortunately many TV journalist might lose their job as there way of speaking got them the job in the first place, but many other would get a job and all of us would be better off.
From my discussion with friends and colleagues , I can sense that all of us are looking for some reprieve from constant bombardment of negativity. We seek calm and positive environment, but we pay more attention to negativity. There are so many things that are going well in our world. So Let’s vow to only watch constructive and creative things and avoid negative and destructive things even if we are getting bored. We will soon be rewarded with quality entertainment and better politicians.


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